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Legacy is a Global Kingdom Alliance

Encourage authentic generational relationships through a culture of honor, empowering, and releasing healthy servant leadership through gift-oriented ministry and spirit-led living.

Why Legacy?


Life is too short to do things, to put forth effort and sacrifice when there is not a cause. 

Because The Call matters!

(1 Corinthians 9:16, 17 NKJV)  For if I preach the gospel, I have nothing to boast of, for necessity is laid upon me; yes, woe is me if I do not preach the gospel! 

For if I do this willingly, I have a reward; but if against my will, I have been entrusted with a stewardship. (Sacred trust)- NLT 

Because The Minister Matters!

We believe the greatest witness for Christ on earth is a healthy, life-giving, local expression of Christ through The Church. 

There are no healthy, life-giving churches without healthy, life-giving LEADERS!

Launch... Live... Leave...

We believe that to LAUNCH, LIVE, and LEAVE a legacy it is essential for the leader to embrace healthy servant leadership demonstrated by Christ in John 13. We serve others from a position of STRENGTH, understanding our identity and inheritance in Christ.  

Legacy identifies it is not PRESENCE and renewal or LEADERSHIP and structure. It is not either/or it is both/and. 

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